Why Unmanned Aerial Systems?

We are committed to guiding client’s projects toward success in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. At the core of RPG, we believe in a set of values that drive our staff and each project we complete:

Keep Personnel out of hazardous site locations

Automated repeated data collection

Collect vastly more information in a shorter period of time

Actionable Data
Gain insight to make real time decisions


As-Built Conformance
High resolution aerial imagery overlaid with provided blueprints.

Drainage Model
Drainage algorithm predicts water flow using 3D surfacing scanning data.

Slope Threat Model
Identify slip prone areas by highlighting slopes based on gradient.

Vegetation Analysis
Near-inferred light is used to detect leaf chlorophyll levels, calculate health, and determine growth percentages.


High Resolution Imagery
5.2K resolution cameras equipped with magnifying lenses give powerful insight to engineers, inspectors, and project managers. RPG partners with innovative data management companies to deliver, store, and share inspection imagery. Decreasing man hours on and off site, while giving clients online access to customizable reports.


Essentially a high resolution satellite image. It’s georeferenced, spatially accurate, and current.

Digital elevation models are TIN surfaces generated from our 3D Point Clouds.

3D Point Cloud
LAS. Point Cloud files consist of millions of individual data points on an XYZ axis.