Design & Permit Services

  • Drainage Reports 
  • Grading & Construction Plans
  • Floodplain Permitting
  • Pipeline Hydraulic Modeling

Planning and Siting Analysis

  • Alternative Siting Rationale 
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Wetland & Wildlife Field Assessment

Data Management

  • As-Built Drawings 
  • GIS Mapping Client Database 
  • StormwaterInspection Client Database 

Company Background

RPG Resources has a diverse environmental and operational background with multiple years of experience in environmental compliance, construction and operational projects. At the core of RPG, we believe in a set of values that drive our staff and each project we complete:

  • Safety Culture
  • People & Communities
  • Environment
  • Partnership

Why RPG Services?

  • Experienced, technical team committed to providing clients with a hands-on approach and attention to detail needed to successfully navigate regulatory and project design needs.
  • Team members with decades of direct industry experience throughout various stages of project process allowing RPG to provide turn-key solutions to our clients.

With offices in Pittsburgh and Denver, RPG is here to support a wide range of turn-key projects, from large water facilities to small land development projects and everything in between.

Our Services

  • Alternative Siting Rationale & Mapping
  • Environmental Field Assessment
  • Cumulative Impacts Evaluation
  • Turn-Key Well Pad Design and Permitting
  • Water Well Design and Permitting
  • Pipeline Hydraulics
  • Construction Management & Project Consulting
  • Reclamation Plans
  • Vegetation & Drainage Monitoring/Analysis
  • Wildlife Protection/Mitigation Plans
  • P&ID & As-Built Mapping
  • SPCC Plans
  • Environmental Sampling