Water Transfer and Dewatering Operations

 Various water transfer services supporting large scale projects to dewatering projects. Installation and development planning for water systems and water storage facility management projects.

Operational Service & Maintenance

 Development and execution of preventative routine maintenance programs to increase the longevity of operational systems and minimize failures.

Environmental & Consulting Services

 Various capabilities related to water sampling, testing, and project monitoring. Erosion and Sediment Control installation. Experience project management consultants.

Company Background

RPG Resources has a diverse environmental and operational background with multiple years experience in environmental compliance, construction and operational projects. At the core of RPG, we believe in a set of values that drive our staff and each project we complete:

1. People & Communities

2. Safety Culture

3. Environment

4. Partnership

Why RPG Services?

  • We are committed to guiding clients’ towards success in a safe, efficient and “environmentally responsible manner.
  • Our team of professional are trained to be proactive” rather than “reactive”.
  • We provide experienced leaders and reliable solutions to our customers while protecting the environment and communities we work in.

Safety Leaders are not determined by power or position, they are determined by action and attitude. At RPG, we believe safety and our personnel are the keys to our success. 

Our Services

  • Project Consulting and Management
  • Dewatering Plan Sets and Designs
  • Dewatering System Operations
  • Water Transfer Services 
  • Water Sampling and Monitoring
  • Erosion Control Feature Installation
  • Erosion Control Maintenance
  • Valve Maintenance and Repair
  • Facility and Infrastructure Painting
  • Containment Cleaning and Leak Detection
  • Pressure Testing & Monitoring 
  • Permanent Water System Operations