Mobile Pump Unit & Custom Equipment

Why pay for a stationary pump? Our team can access multiple locations per shift maximizing your investment while increasing operational efficiency. Design and installation of customized equipment to adapt to water systems.

Turn-key Services

Our system of Produced & Water Transfer Operations is a fully turnkey water operation. Water system mapping, valve operations, inspection services storage facility operations and transfer services in one package.

Data Collection & Inspection Services

 Operations and water movement is documented electronically. Reports are designed to client-specific needs, capturing real-time events and data. Inspections of equipment and infrastructure to ensure safe operational excellence.

Company Background

RPG Resources has a diverse environmental and operational background with multiple years of experience in environmental compliance, construction and operational projects. At the core of RPG, we believe in a set of values that drive our staff and each project we complete:

1. Safety Culture

2.People & Communities



Why RPG Services?

  • 5+ years and over 7 million barrels (294,000,000 gallons) of production water moved without any major EHS incidents.
  • We are the professionals in water management and operational services with the capabilities to meet your specific requirement.
  • On average our clients experience a 200%cost savings compared to traditional methods.

Safety Leaders are not determined by power or position, they are determined by action and attitude.” At RPG, we believe safety and our personnel are the keys to our success. 

Our Services

  • Mobile Pump Truck Quick Connect System
  • Routine Production Water Transfers
  • No-spill Manifold System Design and Fabrication
  • Storage Facility Operation & Management
  • Water System Operations
  • Multi-Site Pump Operations
  • Remote Pipeline Pressure Monitoring
  • Waterline System and Facility Inspections
  • General Water Transfer Services
  • Dewatering and Freeboard Management Operations
  • Project & Operational Consulting