About Us

Our Locations:

We have offices in both Pittsburgh and Denver, and serve the surrounding areas.
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Core Values:

We are committed to guiding client’s projects toward success in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. At the core of RPG, we believe in a set of values that drive our staff and each project we complete:


“People are the single most important ingredient in the recipe for success”: At RPG, our employees and the communities in which we work are paramount to every task we complete. We continuously work to develop opportunities for staff and clients to encourage excellence and safety in the workplace. We also strive to foster relationships with the communities through respect and social responsibility. We are a team and no one individual is able to be held above the needs any other.


“Be the person you want standing next to you”: We believe that a truly safe workplace stems from empowering people to be proactive while avoiding complacency and to be responsible for not only their own well-being but for those around them as well. With this in mind, we put forward a safety policy which allows personnel to declare a situation unsafe for work, utilize stop work authority, and to reassess the situation before moving forward.


“It is a collective and individual responsibility to preserve the world in which we all live”: RPG is committed to preserving the environment by guiding clients through compliance standards. Using our knowledge and expertise, we will assist our clients in reducing their environmental impact while completing the project with efficiency and accuracy.


“Opportunities increase when you help others win”: We believe that our work relationships extend beyond the workplace and, as a result, uphold the values of RPG and our clients at all times in our lives. In doing so we can foster teamwork allowing us to move forward with our tasks together in a safe, timely manner. We will always put our client’s needs first on any project!

Leadership Team:

Photo of Greg Bzorek

Greg Bzorek
Edinboro University B.S. Geosciences
Managing Partner

Greg started his professional career in 2007 with FTS. While on the Environmental side, Greg has held many different positions and spanned a varied workload. He started out as a Staff Environmental Scientist and was a leader in the sampling division. He then was placed into an oversite role and completed a wide array of construction activities on Hazardous Wastes all over the country. In 2014, Greg was placed in charge of the Oil and Gas Division until present and has grown the group steadily.

Photo of Rory Hanczar

Rory Hanczar
Penn State University B.S. Biology
Managing Partner

Rory has 15 years combined experience with 8 years in environmental remedial system installation, systems operation, maintenance and performance monitoring managing multiple sites in the southeastern U.S. In 2014 Rory joined Noble Energy as a water coordinator / project manager overseeing several major water management and infrastructure projects. In 2017 Rory re-joined FTS and has developed relationships and major projects with several new clients in the Oil & Gas Sector.

Photo of Phil Kurello

Phil Kurello
Temple University B.A. Environmental Studies
Managing Partner

Phil has over 9 years of experience in Oil & Gas project management involving water, construction, environmental, health and safety related to well pad, water infrastructure and pipeline projects, in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Colorado and Wyoming.  Phil met Rory in 2014 while working for Noble Energy, maintaining a role in water operational management. In 2017, Phil joined Rory and Greg at FTS to pursue the development of the Oil and Gas division.  Phil currently is responsible for business development and field operations, consulting and inspection program management in the Marcellus and DJ Basins.

Logan Chernicky
Clarion University Duel B.S. Geoscience / Geography Minor / Advanced Oil & Gas Paralegal Cert.
Chief Pilot / Aerial Operations Manager

Prior to partnering with RPG Resources, Logan realized the potential commercial and economic benefits that drone technology offered across industry’s while finishing his degree at Clarion University. He then founded Enhanced Visual LLC, winning 1st place in the PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) business plan competition a year later. Before founding Enhanced Visual, he worked in both the Marcellus Oil & Gas and Construction industries. His construction, GIS, and UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) backgrounds are what the company was founded on, understand both the technology and client’s needs. His core responsibilities now include aerial automation, pilot training, data management, and overall UAS program development.

Photo of Joe Kasper

Joe Kasper
University Of Pittsburgh B.S. Actuarial Mathematics
Finance and Operations Manager

Joe has a combined 10 years of experience working in the Environmental and Oil and Gas industries. He has 5 years of Oil and Gas experience including technical oversight and construction management on several waterline, pipeline and well pad projects. He currently serves as Finance and Operations Manager.

Photo of Dave Schuster

Dave Schuster
Allegheny College B.A. Environmental Studies
Operations Manager

David joined the FTS team in 2012. He started as a Staff Environmental Scientist with a focus on supervising and conducting sampling events. He now has 7 years combined experience in the environmental and oil and gas industries including job oversight, E&S controls/inspections, water transfer and infrastructure inspections, and management. In 2018, he became the Operations Manager of the oil and gas division and currently oversees and coordinates field operations for 50+ employees.

Photo of Joseph Schultz

Joseph Schultz, P.E.
University of Pittsburgh, B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Certificate in Water Resources Engineering Operations Manager
Business & Engineering Manager, Rockies Region

As a Licensed Civil Engineer, Joe brings over 7 years of progressive water facility planning, design and construction management experience in conjunction with oil and gas extraction operations both in the Marcellus and DJ Basins. Mr. Schultz began his career following a long history working with E&P operators throughout Pennsylvania and Colorado in 2017 focusing on the development of the Rockies Region business unit. Joe currently is involved with a management role in Colorado focused on the development of engineering, construction and water management programs.

Our Partnerships/Affiliations:

Field and Technical Services, LLC (FTS) is a certified small business founded by the ownership of KEY in response to a growing need for professional environmental technicians who could provide expert operations, maintenance and monitoring (OM&M)
support for established remedies at a reasonable cost. FTS is a nationwide provider of environmental technical services including sampling, systems operations and maintenance, data management and reporting, compliance and waste management.

The FTS focus is on quality, cost-effective solutions.

KEY Environmental
Key Environmental Inc. (KEY) was founded in 1995: to assist clients in maintaining or attaining compliance with complex, evolving environmental requirements for Federal, State, and local jurisdictions. By opening “doors” to new ideas and creative use of existing technology, KEY has been recognized as a “problem-solving” firm. Today, KEY’s diverse clientele has grown to include Fortune 500 companies, law firms, developers, oil and gas, chemical, wood treating, utilities, and environmental service providers.

KEY assists clients nationwide in maintaining or attaining compliance with complex, evolving federal and state requirements governing environmentally challenged properties across the United States.

KEY has offices in:
Pittsburgh, PA
Raritan, NJ
Portland, ME