“Safety Leaders are not determined by power or position they are determined by action and attitude”

Culture: At RPG Resources, safety is one of our main core values. Our guiding principle is to make sure that every employee returns home happy and healthy to their family and loved ones. Our safety culture enables RPG Resources to produce responsible and efficient results while protecting the most important aspect of our business the people.

Safety: RPG Resources is fully committed to the health, safety and protection of everyone involved in our day-to-day operations. We view our employees and clients as one, making it a top priority to actively promote safety and incident prevention through ongoing trainings, practices, and programs. We actively participate in submitting electronic safety observations, near misses, and stop work reports which include hazard mitigation tactics, GPS coordinates, and a picture of the hazard or potential hazards. We are extremely proud of our strong safety record and believe that in our industry there is nothing more important than a strong safety culture.

Environment: We work closely and diligently with clients, landowners, and government agencies to help minimize the impact of any activities that a client’s project may have on the environment. Not only do we want to be a leader in our industry, we also want to strive to be a leader and a steward for the environment.

Health and Safety Statistics

202120202019 20182017
Near Misses24211623288
Stop Works47245043126713117

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